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JM Concept has developed a system of communication interfaces to decentralize analog inputs and outputs and transmit all data by a fieldbus.

Simplicity, modularity and scalability :

The baselines allow all type of modules to be connected: inputs can be process (Current, Voltage) or electrical parameters as well as temperature
(PT100, Thermocouple with CSF, or any other sensor), see digital inputs...
The baselines allow our modules to be hot swapped (in Plug in and out mode, i.e. the module can be removed without interrupting the power supply
of other devices), ensuring maximum service continuity and easy upgrades

All measurements can be captured and sent via a communication Hub. These Hubs fit each type of field bus. If the PLC evolves or the field bus is
different, we just need to change the Hub. Thus, the whole acquisition with its isolation, remains the same.